Reasons, there are many

Can you believe this awesome weather we are having? It feels like summer at 75 plus degrees F. In march! In Chicago! Unheard of, I say. Completely unheard of! Apparently, it is warm in other places too. Mike says DC is warmish too. The cherry blossoms are in full bloom and it’s nice enough to go out for a stroll at night.

You should see the great pics Mike is sending my way, as he explores the city. I wish I was there. Although, I would not want to miss this perfect weather here, so I guess it’s good I need to stay and work and look after the 3 crazies/cutesies. Someone has to, right? Right.

Anyhow, I was talking to my cousin the other night, about relationships and what we want/need in them for them to actually work. It was interesting to listen to her point of view, it always is actually.

She talked about a specific someone and how he made her feel, and how she wanted that in her life again. She had been dating another someone, and they recently broke up, and now after all the discussions and fights have settled, she can honestly say she wasn’t in love with this person. But she was this close to marrying him!

How can that even be? Can we be so wrapped up in a relationship we decide to marry someone we know we are not in love with? So we talked about this, and I realized there are certain aspects of our lives, certain needs, that take precedent over other things, like, let’s say, love. It’s interesting how the environment we are in can make our priorities shift.

I’ve always known, and respected, the many reasons why people decide to get married. And believe me, there are tons, but I always thought being in love and wanting to spend the rest of your life with that someone, was the best reason of them all, and the only one I ever needed. Talking to my cousin, I guess I realized, that other reasons are not only valid, but can work too.

She didn’t marry this guy she didn’t love, for that I am thankful. Because even when we know the reasons why we are getting into something, and we are honest and frank with ourselves about it, that doesn’t mean we will not regret it later.

Are you or have you been married? Do you know why you decided to get married? Was it the best reason for you? I hope you never feel compelled to regret it.


2 responses to “Reasons, there are many

  1. You know I am married. I am absolutely in love with Rob and I always hated when people would say (before I was married) how you just know, but it really is true. Everything was so easy with him. Now we are two kids later and we have our issues, our marriage is not perfect but when I take my mind back and think about those early days, I still get butterflies. I still get butterflies now too, on our date nights and when I see him pull in the driveway after a long day he’s been working. It’s hard to work on “us” with the two kids but we talk about that and accept that’s just how it is right now.

    • I think the butterflies are indispensable. That’s exactly what my cousin was referring to when she said she wanted what she had before. We need that passion, that excitement, that love to carry us through the hard times. I’m so glad you have it, in my view, it’s what counts the most.

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