This week: All 3 animals!

Mike is off for DC today and not coming back until next Tuesday. So, it’s me, the boys and Charlotte, all by ourselves, all these days. I hope I make it. I hope I make it in one piece and sanely.

I won’t be staying and working from home though, that’s for sure. For one, I work better at my office. I’m more focused there, I have all my materials and books, and I have the big computer screen; but also, I can’t take all the barking at home. The noise gets to me, and I end up in a bad mood. It’s best to distance myself from the madness and come back, having been productive, and ready to interact with them. It just works best that way.

Next week is Spring break for us. Well, it’s technically the one week free between one trimester and the next, so it’s not a week off, at least not for faculty. The students get to lounge around or go places, if they want to, because there are no classes. And for us, there are meetings, so there’s always that. So, my plan is to head back to Minooka with Mike when he arrives from DC. All animals in tow. I’ll be working from home then, but Mike has a backyard, so I can let them out for periods at a time and minimize the noise… hopefully.

Send positives vibes this week will ya? I’m bracing myself for it, I think it will be fine, but one never really knows with these guys.


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