Weekend recap

We didn’t do much this weekend. Friday, after work, we headed over to Mike’s nephew’s birthday party. He turned seven, like Sophie. It was fun, but I was really tired from the work week, it took us about an hour and half to get there with traffic, and I had to wake up early on Saturday to teach my last class of the quarter. So by 10pm, we were back home.

Mike had his baseball draft reunion on Saturday, so I slept most of the afternoon, after I got home from work and had some lunch. I took the dogs out after my nap, they had to wait a bit, but they napped with me, so I’m guessing it wasn’t much of a burden.

On Sunday, after our morning walk (featured yesterday) we stopped by Ann Sather to try their cinnamon rolls. We had seen them featured in a TV program about food in Chicago, and since it’s so close, we thought we’d check it out sometime, and sometime was Sunday morning.

They were delicious! But even though they were quite filling, that didn’t stop us for going out in search of lunch. We went to Dose Market, which was being held at the River East Art Center. It was nice, but small. They were out of beer by the time we got there, and there weren’t many food options either.

So after we saw everything, we headed over to Navy Pier to find some food.

At Navy Pier, we found Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., had some drinks and some delicious shrimp.

I had been craving shrimp for weeks if not months now, so this was just what the doctor ordered! We topped it off at Paciugo, our favorite (and very conveniently located) gelato place.

After this we laid around, watched TV, read blogs, had pizza and wine in bed, and dosed off not too late for a change. A good, relaxing weekend.


2 responses to “Weekend recap

  1. I Loved the food at Bubba Gumps. So yummy!!
    Looks like a perfect Sunday!

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