Our Walks: City Style

This past week I shared our walks in the country. When Max and I go out to visit Mike, we get to take long strolls along the corn fields and we see all kinds of animals and nature we don’t get to see in the city. But that doesn’t mean our city walks aren’t as interesting and stimulating. This was this past weekend, early Sunday morning. Take a look.

We leave the apartment and head down my street in Lakeview. As you can see there aren’t as many trees or open spaces here, but there still is vegetation.

This was early Sunday morning, and as you can see the streets are deserted, because who else roams around at 7 am on a Sunday? Only those who have needy dogs, that’s who.

When we get to the corner of Broadway, Charley always starts pulling to the right, he wants to go to Belmont, he knows that street takes us to the lake.

At this point we were walking straight East, toward the lake, that’s why the sun is directly in our faces. When going to the Lake we have to pass under Lake Shore Drive, and recently they have made it prettier, by adding some street art.

Aren’t they pretty? I really like those murals. They tell the story of the neighborhood too. They have sail boats, bicycles, birds, buildings, and even a baseball to represent Wrigley Field. Once we go under the highway, we are at the lake front, well, almost, we are at the harbor really.

This is where I come to jog. I usually go right, South, toward the Loop. But the dogs like to go left, toward the dog park. Of course, right?

So off to the dog park we go. And since this was a warmish day, we let them go in and enjoy the sand and the water a bit.

I love taking photos of this place. Maxy is always so happy there, running all over like a mad dog. This day we were the only ones there, so they had the place to themselves. The thing is Maxy likes to try to escape, so Mike and I stand at opposite sides of the fence and keep watch. We let them run for a while and then round them up and go on our way.

As you can see, even though we are still in the city, there all lawns, trees and all sorts of green spaces to roam. There is even a fenced-in wild life preserved area, where the boys love to sniff around.

And then finally, we get to the lake. The lake has a walk-way, on which you can sit and contemplate the waves. Charley loves the waves.

There is some street art here too. I had never seen any graffiti on the lake front, but I guess they haven’t cleaned this one up just yet.

And then we are off, to continue our walk. We pass by the golf course area. There is a lot to do in this area of the park, there is not only golf, but there are also tennis courts and a baseball field. We saw people playing fetch with their dogs and a guy flying a motor airplane.

And then it’s into the urban area again. At this point it’s been over an hour walking, so we are starting to get hungry.

This morning we made two strategic stops. The first one at Ann Sather to try their cinnamon rolls and the next at Starbucks to get a latte for Mike.

We can’t go into stores with the boys, so usually I wait outside with them, on a bench, while Mike goes in and gets the goods. After the goods are purchased, we head back home. Everyone is starving by this point.

And there you have it, our walks, city version. Quite different from the suburban one, isn’t it? The funny thing is we really like both of them, and the boys seem to enjoy them both too.


4 responses to “Our Walks: City Style

  1. Love it.
    Have never been to your city but it is on the list now whenever we are on a US holiday again.

  2. Wie will. Whenever it may be.
    Speaking of holidays. I would need one.

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