This Week’s Update

For the first time ever, Maxy didn’t want to come home with me Monday morning when I left Mike’s place. Charley on the other hand, was all “Where are we going? Where? Where?! I’m in!” I had spoken to Mike about bringing Charley, and he had said he wanted him to stay this week, so I knew I couldn’t take him with me. I asked Max about 10 times if he wanted to come, I laid out all his gear (leash, coat, harness), but nothing, he didn’t want to come close to it or me. So I called to see if it was ok for Maxy to stay. And it was, so he did.

So now I am sans dog this week. And since the weather seems to be so awesome, yesterday I went for a jog. The first time, in I don’t even remember how long. It felt good, to be out there with the fresh air, the wind , the sun, the music blaring and me just enjoying a good jog. Hopefully, I’ll do it again today.

I also managed to get out to Tricoci University to use a groupon I had pending since October, but unfortunately I got the worse mani/pedi I have ever gotten in my life. I totally get that these are students, they are learning and they are bound to make some mistakes, but this was ridiculous. This girl did not buff my feet, did not cut my toes or nails’ cuticles, or even filed my toe nails after cutting them. I had to take the nail file from her and file my nails because there was no way I was going to get anything worthwhile if not, and after spending 3 hours there too. I had to take matters into my own hands, literally.

What ticked me off the most was that there was absolutely no learning going on. This is supposed to be a teaching institute, yet no one was supervising this girl, telling her what to do, or how to do it, and she obviously had no clue. I could do a better job on myself with my left hand, and I am right handed! Needless to say I didn’t leave a tip, and I am not going back. They can have the second visit, already paid for in the groupon, as a tip if they want. I can’t believe they regularly charge $30 for this crap service, it’s outrageous. If you were ever thinking of going, do yourself a favor and don’t, you will regret it, believe me, I did.

On a different note, March is the no sodas month. No sodas in general for me, but mainly no coke zero, which is my current addiction. Today is day 7 and I have to say it has been hard. I am constantly sleepy now because I don’t have caffeine intake, I get headaches every day, and I’m in either a withdrawn or grouchy mood.

Poor Mike had to suffer my moods this weekend, which was the first weekend without coke, it wasn’t pretty. He has dropped hard liquor too, and is missing his Jack Daniels fix quite a bit as well. But we’re getting through it, we’re doing it, cranky, grouchy and all.

Work-wise things are strolling along. This is week 10 (finally!!!) so my students are presenting their final projects and we are wrapping up the course. I’m glad the term is over, because it means we are closer to Spring, but there’s is almost no breathing room between this term and the next one, so I can’t really relax all that much at all.

Plus I have the trip to Vancouver coming up in April. I am going to AERA to present, and I still need to polish my paper to post on the conference’s website before the 15th, so there’s always something to do work-wise. Oh, and grading, let us not forget the loads of grading I will be doing these next weeks, sigh.

So there you have it,  that’s me this week. Taking advantage of the quiet around the house and the good, sunny, warmer weather to exercise a bit and get some work done. How about you? How are things going for you this lovely week of March?


2 responses to “This Week’s Update

  1. Sadly, the week is not so lovely over here.
    I am at a three week seminar in Munich and should listen to the presentation but I am
    reading your blog with my iPhone. 🙂

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