Our Walks: Country Style

We walk the dogs at least twice a day every day, and sometimes more during the weekends. They are lucky ducks, definitely. I know for a fact not all dogs are this pampered.

This weekend, for example, we took them for an hour and a half long walk down the I&M Canal. They love going for long walks, and love even more those that involve getting into the car to get to the actual place we will be walking in. But when we don’t feel like driving to get to a dog park or forest preserve, we just stroll around the neighborhood.

Mike’s neighborhood and mine are completely different. So I thought it would be fun to compare and contrast them. So, here is the view during our strolls around Mike’s hood.

We start by walking to the top of the hill, at the end of Mike’s street. Then we leave it up to Charley to choose the direction. Sometimes he wants to go right and sometimes left. This time we went left.

Down the road, there is a creek and fields and more fields were farmers grow corn during less cold seasons than Winter.  This was around 6pm, so that’s why it’s kinda dark out, and there isn’t that much sun. Although, you have to remember this is March in Illinois, there is not much sun period.

Down the road, there are also a few houses, barns and some horses. Sometimes we get to see them, this time they were inside.

We usually hit this property and then start heading back. The way back is a struggle, because that’s when Charley wants to hunt. “Ah Charley, you know we do all this for you.” Maxy enjoys it tons too, but he doesn’t care much for hunting. He likes to bark at other dogs and now more recently, cars.

There are fields, and fields with all sorts of critters. Charley, especially likes the mice and the squirrels. But we’ve seen deer and many different types of birds. This day we saw geese, ducks, and killdeer.

You see those houses? Over there toward the top of the hill? That’s Mike’s subdivision, getting closer, and closer as we bare 21F. At this point I’m almost racing back, with Max in tow; as Mike prods Charley on, who usually just wants to stay and hunt, so he growls and protests all the way back.

To the left of the road (left coming back), where those pine trees are, lies a cemetery.

We sometimes go in and walk around it. In fact, the first time I went out to visit Mike, we walked around it, in a somewhat creepy-romantic way. But today is not one of those days. Today we pass by it and take a right, saying by to the road behind us and heading back to the subdivision.

And into suburban bliss we go.

Can you feel the quietness?

Not a soul in sight!

Past homes and backyards, until we reach Mike’s place.

We say goodbye to the road we left behind, and to the one that meets us in front, and in we go to get out of the freezing cold!

And there you have it, an afternoon walk down the neighborhood and back into the fields behind Mike’s subdivision. Thrilling right? My hood, to come.


3 responses to “Our Walks: Country Style

  1. Love it. It looks nice. So “American”. 🙂

    • Thanks! Being from Venezuela, I’m not really sure what you mean by so “American”, maybe we can chat about it someday… now I’m curious! 🙂

      • Ha ha. The houses, the style is so American. Like you see the suburbs when you watch movies from the US.
        And yes, I know, it doesn’t look like that in the whole US. 🙂

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