What the @#$!?

My sister is in town. Just for a few days for work, but while here, she’s staying with me. She emailed Monday saying she was arriving Tuesday night. So Tuesday morning I decided to stay home and do some major, much needed cleaning. I dusted everything, I cleaned the bathroom, I did laundry and I even cleaned and vacuumed the rug, and then the entire apartment. The rug needed special treatment because with all of Maxy’s tummy issues, that poor things has been through the ringer!

I was amazed at how much I got accomplished from 7:30 to 12. A lot! I had to head out runs some errands around 2pm, and also stop by my office to pick up my students’ work, so I could grade once home. That took me 3 hours top, so by 5 pm I was back. Yet, to my surprise (not the good kind) I came home to pee and poo on the rug. The recently powders, brushed and vacuumed rug! (@#$!)

I’m telling you, sometimes I get so mad at him, I could really kill that dog!


2 responses to “What the @#$!?

  1. Do you use Nature’s Miracle or another pet-focused product? You can’t just clean up the mess … you actually have to treat the carpet. Otherwise, the dog sees that his smell has been covered up and he goes to pee on it again. I hope that would resolve some of the issues you’re facing.

    • I used a product I bought over the weekend to clean carpets from pet odors, but I can’t recall the brand. I’ll check and is it’s not, I’ll try to find Nature’s Miracle. Thanks for the tip!

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