Weekend Update

On a lighter… or I guess happier note (because these are not light foods) than yesterday’s post, this is was we were up to this past weekend:

DePaul’s men basketball team, the Blue Demons were playing Providence on Saturday, and I had tickets. So after my class, I picked up Mike, who was already at my place, and we headed over to Allstate Arena. It was fun, I hadn’t been at a live basketball game since… I really don’t remember when, that’s how long, so this one was specially appreciated.

After the game we went home to take the boys out for a walk and have a little down time, and while watching a bit of TV we caught and old episode of Check Please, in which they reviewed a Greek restaurant not too far from us. So we set out to go there for dinner and check it out. It’s a family style, yet upscale type, called Melanthios Greek Charhouse. Mike had a pork chop with feta cheese and potatoes, and I had gyro moussaka. Both delicious. But the best part was the bread. This bread is to die for, and if you add a little taramasalata, you’re in heaven!

After this yummy and very filling meal, we walked back home, walked the dogs and settled in to watch Bridesmaids on demand. It was ok. Funny at the beginning, and then as Mike said, it got chick-flicky and sappy.

On Sunday the boys let us sleep in until 8! A miracle never heard of. Thank you boys! We went for a long walk around the lake and when we came back we made breakfast at home. Delicious! We had bread from the doggie-bag we took home from Melanthios, and after it was heated up a bit, it was as good as the night before.

We did some chores and ran some errands, and had a late lunch at New Tokyo, another place around my neighborhood, we had never been to. It was good.

After picking up some supplies at Target for the upcoming week, we headed home to watch the Oscar’s. At some point before the end of the show, Mike and Charley headed home, and Max and I were left to watch the end snuggled in bed. It was a great weekend, a great one indeed.


2 responses to “Weekend Update

  1. That looks like a… tasty? weekend! 🙂

    Oh, and RE: change. Well, yes it’s inevitable, and yes most of it we make for ourselves. But when we see it coming and can’t do much about it, well that is probably one of the hardest situations.
    Best wishes to you. xo

    • It was tasty indeed! 🙂
      Yep, it is hard to hear and see the train coming and not be able to actually get out of the way. Oh well, I hope the student has matured at least a bit, and regarding Mike, I hope he does find a new job, I just wish it wasn’t so far away.

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