Hush already!

Charlie is staying with us this week. He’s always left so sad when Max and I leave Monday mornings, that this time I asked Mike if he could come with us, and lo and behold, he agreed. So here I am with two dogs who seem to not be able to spot barking during the day. As you can imagine that makes working from home a tad difficult.

Today I noticed that Max has now picked up barking as a way to “talk” to me or Charlie. The thing is we can’t understand a “word” he’s saying, at least I can’t, I can’t really speak for Charlie. So now the barking is not only due, to passing dogs, kids, people, trucks, planes, cars or any and every noise they hear, it’s also due to wanting to go out, wanting a treat, or wanting to play. It’s nonstop.

Speaking of play, we have this routine down now. We go for a walk, we come back and have a treat, then I make them dinner, they eat, get another treat as a dessert after dinner, and then they want to play. Play consists mainly of me trowing the ball, them catching it, sometimes bringing it back, others chewing on it until it breaks, or fighting each other for it. Because even though we have 4 balls and 2 dogs, they always seem to want the same one. Typical, right?

I now dread working from home, as you can imagine I get little to nothing done. But I found a solution today. One way I get them to quiet down is if I close the door on all of us in my bedroom, curtains pulled, lights out and take a two hour nap with them. Difficult my life is sometimes, wouldn’t you agree? 😉


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