Valentine’s Weekend

We’ve been celebrating milestones and holidays before they actually happen these days. Last weekend we went out for our anniversary dinner on Saturday, when the date actually was on Monday, and this weekend we celebrated Valentine’s, when we all know it’s not until tomorrow. But hey, when you can only see your sweetie on the weekends, what else can you do if these special dates keep wanting to fall on a week day? Celebrate early, that’s what!

Mike, Charley, and Charlotte, came over Friday night. The snowing had stopped and apparently the roads were free sailing, because they found no traffic on their way over to the city. We ordered in Friday night, Chinese from Joy’s Rice and Noodles, and it was all great except for them messing up our order and bring crazy noodles with beef (!!!), instead of chicken 😦 Even the receipt said chicken, so I’m guessing Mike was right and someone out there was enjoying our chicken noodles, while we fished the beef out of ours.

I taught Friday morning ,and made a pit stop at Macy’s after my class to get Mike’s present. I knew what I wanted to get him, and had actually been to another store but didn’t find one I like, so off to Macy’s it was. After dropping the bag in the car, I met Mike at the Museum of Contemporary Art, we were finally going, hurray! We saw their current exhibit on 80s art, called This Will Have Been: Art, Love, and Politics in the 1980s.

These are some of the things we saw. There were many interesting pieces, but some had a no photography sign attached to them, so you get to see only the ones where photography was allowed.

After the museum, off we went for Valentine’s dinner/lunch, at Gino’s Pizza. Mike had suggested the signature room, but I spotted Gino’s on my way to Macy’s and since we had wanted and tried to go there before, but it was packed, we figured we give it a shot now, and there was no wait! So the Signature will have to wait until some other time, I’m sure it’s lovely, and we’ll be ready for that with reservations and proper attire, but for now, it was jeans and deep dish Chicago style pizza at Mike’s favorite place. It was good!

Deep dish pizza is different from any pizza I’ve ever tried. The dough for one, is more crackery than any other pizza I’ve had, although this particular dough was less crackery than others I’ve tried in Chicago. They apply the cheese and meats first, directly on the dough, and last they drip the sauce… it just seems strange to me, when I’ve always seen it done the other way around. Regardless though, it was still delicious and highly recommendable. I had a chocolate chip cookie for dessert and it was great too. Perfect consistency, moist and fresh, and we got a little treat from the house too, because of Valentine’s. I yet have to try those.

After our lunch/dinner eat out at Gino’s we headed home, walked the boys and exchanged gifts. Saturday was definitely our Tuesday this year for Valentine’s. Mike got a new hypoallergenic, 100% down, 300 thread count cotton cover pillow 🙂 And I got a bucket (I bucket I tell you) of candy and chocolate 🙂 and a nighty from VS. The cards were sweet too, but I have no pictures of that sorry. We stayed in at night and watched Moneyball on demand. Really liked it, I guess I’ll like any movie about baseball, and this one was a good one.

On Sunday we took the boys for an early morning walk and after that had breakfast at home. I made eggs and Mike cooked bacon, we added bread and butter and voilá! We lounged and napped and once we were ready we headed out to have lunch at Adobo Grill (delicious Mexican food and Margaritas). And then went to see a comedy show at The Second City Up Comedy Club, called: Sex, Love & The Second City: A Romantic Dot Comedy

Both the margaritas and the guacamole at Adobo Grill were superb, highly recommend them, and the show was really good too. Very funny and entertaining. If you’re in town you might want to check it out. Did you know that The Second City is a place were comedians like Bill Murray, Steve Carrell, and Tina Fey performed earlier in their careers, and where SNL gets most of their people? I surely didn’t, but I can see how that would be so, the actors were very talented and the show was simple, but well done.

That was our Valentine’s weekend. How about yours? Do you celebrate Valentine’s? Did you do it early this year too?


2 responses to “Valentine’s Weekend

  1. Oh what a fun and romantic weekend 🙂 I am glad you had such a good time.

    We usually don’t really make a big deal out of Valentine’s Day… we both figure, we can be romantic and lovey-dovey on every other day of the year as well…. but we still plan to do something fun NEXT weekend 🙂

    • It definitely does not have to be limited or constrained to a specific date, but why not do something fun in the name of love and loving each other, right? 🙂 I’m sure your weekend will be just as fun, happy Valentine’s!

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