Weekend Fun

The weekend was great, a breeze, it went by so fast, but festive and fun. I teach Saturday mornings this term, so it wasn’t until after lunch that I could head out to Mike’s. Mike’s dad was in town, he came to meet his new granddaughter and was staying at Mike’s place. So instead of heading out and going directly to Mike’s place, I drove to Scott and Mary’s place to meet them there and to meet little Adriana, who is now 3.5 weeks old. Isn’t she just a dream?

We stayed over and held Adriana to our hearts’ content and then were off home to take the boys out for a walk, before we headed over to Emilio’s for our anniversary dinner. Yep, it’s been a year since Mike and I met and started dated, and we went back to the restaurant where we had  our first “real” date, to celebrated it. The food there is really good, authentic Spanish food. We had tapas, as we did the first time we were there, and shared every dish. I forgot to take pictures, I guess I was too caught in conversation, but I did manage to remember the photo taking at the end of the meal, and got a picture of our dessert: fried banana with caramel sirup, pistachios, and vanilla ice cream.

Saturday was Super Bowl day, but we still had to get up early and take the boys for a walk and then head out to run some errands, a stop by the liquor store and Petco, because those are the bare necessities right? After the errands we had lunch at Tap House Grills in Plainfield and we had the time of our lives drinking beer (them) and eating carbs and fried foods (all of us). Take a look:

That first item, in the first photo, those were deep fried bacon strips covered in chicken flour batter. Yes, DELICIOUS. After lunch we went home for a brief nap, and then headed out to Mike’s sister place to watch the game. There was a great spread there too, but again I forgot to take pictures. I know, what is it with me these days? I’m losing my photo touch!

The game was great, the Giants won, hurray! I even won the second quarter’s score card, $20, which I was surprised about since I rarely win at random pickings. The company was awesome, and Max (we took the boys) was overall good. He hadn’t been around so many people since I got him, so I was weary of how he would react, but aside from being super hyper (he always is a bit) and not being able to relax and take a nap because so much was going on (ribs and wings were being served!), he was good.

So there you have it. This was us, gathered after the game and before everyone headed back home.

We were missing Beth’s two boys and Bobby, who was taking the photo. But I thought I’d share anyway.

So how was your weekend? I know, it’s practically Thursday already, but bare with me, will ya.


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