Our Walks

Do you go on walks early in the mornings? Ever since I got Max I do, every single day. Today was different though, today I noticed a bunch of weird things left behind on the ground by others. I’m usually mindful on what’s on the floor, trying to prevent Max from eating anything he’s not supposed to, but I hadn’t seen the array of things we saw today. A blue striped tie, a small black hair clip, a half way used tooth paste tube, an array of single gloves, a pack of ketchup, some random chicken bones, and a scarf.

It made me wonder where all these unfitting-for-the-setting things had come from. Do you notice things on the floor when you go for walks?


2 responses to “Our Walks

  1. Weirdly, I notice a lot more POOP in the winter than in the summer. I don’t know why – people must get especially lazy when the weather gets cold. It still drives me crazy – if you’re gonna own a dog, you’ve got to own up to the urban responsibility of picking up after them!

    • Right?! I don’t know what it is, but I have too noticed much more poop everywhere. So, alongside all the weird things people have seemed to, intentionally or not, dropped on the streets, we have to mindful of poop too… ah the joys or urban living 😉

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