Happy February!

It’s February people, are you excited? I am. It feels like Spring in this neck of the woods, so we’re happy and cozy, though technically it still is midwinter. Anyhow, February is a month of love, of happy, of birthdays and anniversaries, a month of Valentine’s and a month of warm and fuzzy. And for Mike and me, it’s a month of no red meat (we traded February’s goal for March’s). So get ready because a whole lot of love is coming your way. Enjoy and Happy February!


One response to “Happy February!

  1. I love this month – and for good reason- today is my birthday!
    I also love your dedication to give up red meat for this month. Hopefully you’ll discover what I did 23 years ago – that I felt lighter in weight, mood and energy, so much so that I haven’t eaten any since then. I have a nothing-with-a -ace eating policy and I’ve never looked back.
    Lotsa luck during February – and don’t sweat the protein deficiency – you can get it (in case you didn’t know) from yogurt, especially Greek yogurt (Chobani is great!), all beans, tofu and protein powders.


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