What we’ve been up to

If you’ve been wondering what have we been up to lately on our weekends, I can sum it up for you in one word: eat! Take a look:

This was some weekends ago, at El Mariachi:

This was this weekend at Leona’s:

This was last night at Diva’s Sushi:

And this was today at Goose Island Brewer:

There were some visits to Rock’s, Five Guys, Portillo’s, takeout from Joy’s Rice and Noodles, Fox and Hounds, Jack’s on Halstead, and some brunch cooking at home. I even made cheesy risotto from left over rice, from rice and fish I cooked us for lunch last weekend. A lot of eating, I tell you.

It makes you wonder how my diet is going, doesn’t it? Well, not that great. I’ve lost a few pounds, but it seems as though I regain over the weekend whatever I lose during the week. Still, both Mike and I have been off fried carbs all through January, and ever since I started my diet there have been no desserts for me, no cupcakes, no ice cream, no sweets at all. I’m getting my sugar from fruits and the occasional little bit of chocolate to make up for the sugar craving I get after lunch. But that’s about it, a big difference from the amount of sugar and sweets I was having daily before.

But eating is not the only thing we’ve been doing, really. We went to see an improv act at a Comedy Club with friends, we’ve been trying to catch up on Oscar movies, and saw The Descendants last weekend, and Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close today. We had already seen Midnight in Paris and The Help, but we still have a few movies on the ballot we want to see before the Oscars.

We also, of course, go for walks, tons of walks, even though it might be freezing (and it has been very cold some of these days). The dogs need to go out, so we take them and they enjoy it. We stay out as long as we possibly can, but when we begin to tremble and not be able to feel our fingers or toes, it’s time to head back home.

So that’s been us in January. How about you?


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