Dream? Pregnant

Last night, I dreamt I was pregnant. I think it was the first time ever. Or maybe the second, I don’t remember. I was full blown pregnant and in the hospital with my mom, waiting to fully dilate to give birth. It seemed strange. I was having one kid and apparently there was another on the way, right after the first, as in twins? (!). Strange I tell you.

But it doesn’t surprise me at all. So many babies have been born in the past months. It’s like it’s in the air or something. I’ve gone to or sent gifts to, at least 5 baby showers. A lot right? So babies are on my mind, and in my day-to-day life right now.  But I don’t quite remember having them be in my dreams, at least not until recently.

I told Mike about my dream, and he said “First engaged and now pregnant?”. I had totally forgotten that I dreamt I was engaged the other day. Is there a pattern here? Maybe a theme? Beats me!


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