Charley’s Visit

Charley stayed with us last week. When I got back from Miami, Mike and the boys went to pick me up at the airport and I offered Mike, on the ride back home, to take a break from doggy duty and leave Charley with us for the rest of week. He reluctantly agreed, saying it was about time he dealt with his separation anxiety… cute 🙂 So Charley was with Max and me from Tuesday to Friday.

Charley and Max are both terriers. Max is a Silky Terrier and Charley is a Cairn Terrier, like Toto from the Wizard of Oz. They are both small dogs, between 10 and 15 lbs each, they eat the same foods, they bathe at the same time, and when they’re together they do pretty much everything together. When one is interested in something, the other has to go up and see what all the commotion is about and share in the excitement.  They go for walks together, they eat together, and they get into trouble together too. In the six months since I adopted Max, him and Charley have become good buds.

They are also very different in many ways. Charley, being older (going on 8) is mellower than Max. They both love naps, so when they are indoors, they both seem pretty chilled out, but when we’re out you can tell there is a difference in the energy level. Max leads the way, he pulls, and sprints, and I really have to be on it, and keep up. Charley likes to sniff every-single-little-thing on the way, and stops, and pulls in the opposite direction, and walks slowly, sort of enjoying the scenery and taking it all in.

Maxy is a cuddler. He can’t lie next to you without touching you, or, if possible, laying all over you. Charley doesn’t like to be touched all that much, he’s very social, he’ll come up to you and let you pet him, but when he’s napping, he wants to be let alone. If you even move a bit close to him, he’ll growl, get up and move away.

Maxy likes to play, play rough, and play a lot. Charley plays with his toys but doesn’t really like the rough and tumble play with others. When things get too heated, rough, or loud, Charley starts barking, telling others to stop it already! He likes it quiet and tranquil.

They are different, but both special and sweet and loving in their own way. It reminds me of siblings, always in each others’ space and making sure the other one does not get more, or god forbid, anything they don’t.

On Friday Mike came over and spent the weekend out in the city with us. He said he had missed Charley a lot, and I bet he did. It’s just not the same getting home to no dog. I think Charley missed Mike too, although I do have to say he had a good time as a city dog, he seemed very relaxed and happy with us.

I’m missing Charley today… I wish he could come spend the night with us more often.


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