Plan for the new year

Mike came up with the idea to drop potato chips during the month of January. Then he added all fried carbs, and told me that if I wanted to be supportive, I should do it with him too. I agreed and then added “why don’t give up something each month?” Brilliant, right? Yeah, not so much. But that’s the plan, to give up something, or add in something each month. And as Mike said, repeats are valid too. So up until now, this is what we have:

January: No fried carbs (e.g. potato chips, fries, fried chicken).

February: Mike-no hard liquor (i.e. Jack Daniels), Jen-no diet sodas (i.e. coke zero).

March: No red meat.

April: Choose and begin a new exercise class (e.g. zumba, boxing).

May: No carbs (all carbs).

… that’s what we have thus far. But I have decided to start a diet plan as of the 1st of January. I have gained a ton of weight and my anxious eating is getting out of control. So I am going back to cereal or yogurt for breakfast (no sugar cookies or doughnuts), a lean sandwich and fruit for lunch, and slices of turkey and crackers for dinner. No in-between, mid morning/afternoon snacks, and no junk food (candy, chips, ice cream, cupcakes, etc).

I’m going to do the monthly thing too, so that Mike feels supported, but I’m serious about my diet. My goal is to be bikini ready for my next birthday (October) or sooner, because this year is my 40th and I want to celebrate it at a beach wearing a bikini and rocking it! That’s the plan, now lets get on it!


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