For 2012: Believe!

Not really sure why, but it seems that always at the end of the calendar year we take time to review our lives, where we are and where we want to go. We look at the year past and we find the highlights and give thanks; we look at the down points, and with luck we forgive and forget, we pass the page. And then the fun starts, we think of what we want to do in the next new year. It’s like starting a brand new note pad, with the promise of infinite possibilities. This is when we dream, we set goals, we imagine our lives turning into what we want. Lists are made, priorities are set, and we pledge to change certain things and attain and accomplish others.

So while you are all out there doing this, I want to share with you my one and only goal for 2012, and hope that you have it on your lists to. For 2012 I want to Believe.

For 2011 I had one wish and one goal. My wish was true love, and I got love, lots of love. And my goal was to let go, and let go I did. I learned a lot about letting go and letting things happen, not trying to control so much, and letting things occur as they may. It wasn’t easy, and I certaintly need to continue, but it was a great start, and now I feel I’m more in the flow of things.

But, after a long, much needed Skype session with my friend Rachel some weeks ago, I have come to realize that I have hope, but not so much faith. I have hope that things will happen, I want them to happen, I wish for them to happen, but do I truly believe, do I have faith? Not so much. I doubt, and I need to leave the doubt aside and believe, unconditionally, just believe.

And so 2012 will be the year in which I practice having faith, believing and trusting the plan, the ultimate letting go and allowing for things to happen, as they are supposed to happen, without me sabotaging them. Letting go and letting God. Just Believe.

Wish me luck, and may your resolutions be as fruitful in 2012 as ever!


2 responses to “For 2012: Believe!

  1. Believe! I can get behind that! I’m going to tweet you a photo later of something I bought just yesterday– I think you’ll like it. 🙂 Happy New Year!

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