Christmas is upon us and I have to say this year has been completely non stressful, thank God. I love Christmas, but the whole decorating, buying gifts, writing cards, mailing things out to all corners of the world and traveling during the holidays, tends to get a bit too much, and ends up adding a layer of stress we could all do without.

I stress easily, I have to admit. I sometimes can manage and control it. But other times, it gets to be too much, and it spreads onto how I treat others too. I hate when that happens. But this year, there’s been little to no stress around Christmas. My ticket to Miami was purchased the first week of November, and by the end of black Friday/cyber Monday week all my gifts had been purchased and on their way somewhere (NY, Miami or Chicago).

I got on it with my Christmas cards too. It might have been that I had them all along. I purchased them last December and had them ready to go whenever I needed them this year. So I sat down a few mornings and nights, before and after work, and got all 60 of them out the door. I’m guessing the local and national ones have already arrived, and the international ones are on their way.

I’m not decorating my apartment this year. Since I will be in Miami for both Christmas and New Years, there seemed to be no point. So no Christmas tree it is. Although, I do pine after the trees every morning when I pass by the tree stand in the corner, but it really makes no sense to spend that money and not be here for Christmas, or have any presents to lay under the tree, since they have all been shipped already.

I do have a wreath Mike’s mom gave me, so my door looks like the promise of more Christmas fun inside, when truly, that’s the most Christmassy it got around here. Well, I have a poinsettia my mom got me when she was here, and a Santa bowl filled with chocolate on the coffee table, but that’s it. I’ll get my fix at my parents with their tree and their decorations… and the food, the traditional Venezuelan food I’m salivating over as we speak!

Are you stressing over Christmas? Going anywhere to celebrate it? Traveling or staying in? Or are you decorated to gills already and all set up?


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