5 Months

Five months ago I adopted Max. In these months we have gone through several tummy problems which included vomiting, severe diarrhea, and several costly visits to the vet, a few bites to me and others (sorry about that), daily anger management issues with other dogs, and some irrational burst of possessiveness and threats of aggression (usually at night), which still remain to be explained by something other than plain psychosis.

But along with all that craziness, have been countless hours of snuggling in bed, keeping me warm, and receiving me like I am the most wonderful person in the world, every time I come home. I swear I’ve seen him smile, and he always feels remorse and seems apologetic when he knows he’s done something wrong. He’s a cutie with issues.

Max is definitely a handful, but he is also a keeper. Five months strong Maxy, keep them coming! Love ya!


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