Being Lazy

So what to do on a cold, rainy Saturday morning? Well, if you have been working (grading) nonstop for the past week, and have not slept-in once since August, then there’s just one thing to do: be lazy and sleep!

I got up after Mike had taken the boys for a walk and left for work. He had a meeting from 8am to around 12:30pm, so I was home alone with the animals. I got up and had some breakfast, let the boys out for a while in the back yard, and then headed upstairs with my faithful friends in tow, to lounge. I read blogs, I updated my planner, I cleaned my inbox, and basically did nothing very productive all morning. Of course there were some naps and snacks sprinkled in for good measure too.

I was lazy and it felt great! You see, in my line of work there is always something to do. I could always be reading a book, journal article or research paper on the topic I teach and do research in. I could always be fine tuning some research idea, optimizing activities for class, looking for readings for students, or developing and transferring classes online. It never ends, there’s always something more that could be done.

I don’t think I’ve ever had a full time, professional job, which once I left for home, work stayed behind. In education you can always take grading, planning, student’s issues, or research ideas with you, and if you’re not careful they take over your life. So you have to make a conscious effort to balance things out, to include some play time along the work time, and get yourself out of work mode.

I had set a goal this academic year to not work on the weekends. Mike and I only get to spend time together on weekends, so that’s our time to relax, enjoy and have fun. I had pretty much lived up to the goal, but these past two weekends were peppered, if not completely filled, with work for me. So this weekend I treated myself to an entire day of nothingness. I reveled in laziness and it was glorious. Mike said I was even goofy, I guess I get goofy when I’m relaxed and enjoying myself.

How do you manage your time? Do you have one of those jobs you leave at the office once you walk away, and only come back to the following work day? I’m always intrigued by people with those kinds of jobs because I never really had one. How do you prioritize and balance our work-play life?


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