Sunday Mike and Charley came over. My mom and I were making arepas for brunch. Mike had never had arepas, so it was sort of exciting  to see if he would like them. We made scrambled eggs with cheese and chicken slices and arepas, we also had different kinds of cheese, butter, diablito, and of course bacon. Brunch without bacon is not brunch.

We spent the afternoon indoors, playing cards. Have you ever played buraco? Apparently, it is a Brasilian version of Canasta, according to Wikipedia. We had fun. We played in teams, girls against boys. My mom and I won twice and the boys won once.

After Mike took Charley and Max for a quick walk, we headed over to Angelina for dinner. We had a bottle of Shiraz and some really good food.

The fettucine mare were a little too spicy, the gnocchi melted in your mouth, the sausages’ sauce was delicious, and my penne with pancetta was exactly what I wanted.

Dessert was a shared creme brule, which I forgot to take a photo of, but it was good, it has berries in it and over it.

It was a great evening out, great food , great wine, and better company. The service was really good too. Highly recommend Angelina.

An overall great Sunday!


4 responses to “Sunday

  1. Oh, what a lovely time you guys had… and yummy food!

    Ahm, but, what are arepas?

    • It was a great day hanging out together 🙂

      Arepas are Venezuelan style bread, made of corn flour. They are good, and can be stuffed with anything you want, you should try them sometime, I bet you’ll like them.

  2. Now I am hungry.
    That food looks good. So yummy.

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