Weekend Fun

I seem to start every post here lately with “I’m so swamped at work I don’t have time for anything”, and for the most part that is true. But last week was week 11 of the quarter, which means finals weeks, which is the same as the last week of the term, which means THIS TERM IS OVER, and that needs to be celebrated, so YAY!

And now the real work begins. I have 2 quizzes, 1 paper, 1 final project, 1 e-portfolio project and 1 thematic unit project to grade for 35 students. Yeah, I will be locked in my office grading for the next 3 days straight.

But this weekend I took it off. Last weekend I had to work and even though I was over at Mike’s, I was mostly attached to readings and my computer because I had a deadline for Tuesday. So this weekend I had promised no work and all play. And play we did…

We stayed in Friday night because Mike was beat from work, so I cooked dinner, we had some wine and watched TV. We caught up on some of my DVRd shows. I had all 4 episodes of Grimm, which I had been meaning to watch, but hadn’t, so we had a mini Grimm marathon, which neither of us had seen before and we kinda liked it. Or maybe I liked it more than Mike, in any case it’s good.

On Saturday, we took the boys for a long walk and after feeding them, went out to brunch at Nookie’s.

Then we went back home, full intended to shower and head out, maybe to the museum, but ended, cuddling in bed for most of the day. What can I say? Naps were needed. At night we met Mike’s brother and his wife downtown at Water Towers Place. Mary wanted me to take some photos of them, with her baby bump, for their Christmas cards. We roamed, took some shots outdoors and ended at the Ritz in front of their giant Christmas tree. I took some nice shots of them and then Mary took some shots of me and Mike.

We went to Rosebud for drinks and dinner after that. The food was delicious, unfortunately I forgot to take pictures, so you’ll have to take my word for it. I had risotto, which was great and then we all shared a huge piece of chocolate cake with fudge. I was so full I could barely walk straight on our way back.

On Sunday, we went for another long walk with the boys. They love going to the Lake front, and tend to take their sweet time sniffing everything in sight. We stopped by Starbucks so Mike could get his latte and I got chai tea, but this time we had brunch at home.

We got our act together, got ready and headed out to do some shopping I needed to do. After that we were off to the Chicago History Museum. If you haven’t been there, I highly recommend it. It’s really well done. Take a look:

After the museum we went over to Wilde to have lunch and watch da Bears‘ game. They won, so Mike was happy. After walking the boys for a bit, Charley, Charlotte and Mike left to go home, and Max and I walked back home to regroup. Max went directly to his favorite spot on the couch and I came to the blog… it’s all about comfort on Sunday nights, isn’t it?

So there’s our weekend. How was yours?


2 responses to “Weekend Fun

  1. Looks like a great weekend, and great to have a recharge before you dive head first into your work.
    I really need to visit Chicago again. Living in a smaller city, I’d say really the only part I dislike is not having as many museums and opportunity for culture experiences. Good for you for taking advantage of that!

    • One of the things I thought I would miss most of NYC was the cultural exposure, I love museums, and really didn’t know what to expect of Chicago in that sense. But I have been pleasantly surprised. Chicago really has a lot to offer in regards to art, you should definitely come back!

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