Be warned! Mercury Retrograde 11/24 to 12/13

The Tarot Lady sent this via her news letter, and I thought I’d share:

Mercury Retrograde Kicks Into High Gear!


Yes – it is THAT time of year – AGAIN.  Mercury, the trickster planet will be turning retrograde on Thanksgiving Day.  <sigh>  Does that mean that your holiday season will be a helliday instead?  Not necessarily.  Follow a few tips here and you’ll be sane and safe during this messy transit:</sigh>

1.  Plan for delays.  Things tend to get stymied during a Mercury retrograde.  If you are driving or traveling, you could find yourself arriving unfashionably late.  Make extra time available in your schedule and prepare for possible snafus – especially with travel.

2.  Slow down.  This is not the time to sip that extra egg nog and hit the road like a maniac.  You may get pulled over – or worse.  Take the foot off the accelerator.

3.  Back up your computer.  Let me repeat that: back up your computer.

4.  If you are thinking about buying electronic gifts, think twice.  Electronics tend to go haywire during a Merc Rx.

5.  Take time to rethink and ponder.  A Mercury retrograde often is a good time to contemplate.  What is going well in your life?  What is not?  How can you make amends and fix things?  What are you grateful for?

Mercury goes direct on December 13th.  Stay safe, people!


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