Walking Max last night, I passed by a group of a girl and two guys and overheard this:

Girl: “She’s skinnier than me, and she has big boobs.”

Guy 1: ” I’m more of a butt guy. Yeah, I’m all about the butt.”

Guy 2: Smiles “All about the butt huh?”

Girl: “She has a nice butt too.”

Isn’t it funny that looks are what attract us to people at the beginning, and because of that we can dismiss someone just because they don’t have what we “like”?How many times have you not given yourself the chance to meet someone, who could be perfect in every other way, but he/she just doesn’t look right?

It seems interesting that looks are such a powerful draw-in or rejection factor, when in the long run looks are what fades first and we tend to stick together with loved ones because of personality traits, values and common interests.

I heard the conversation and walked by, as I smiled and thought to myself “yeah, butts are kind of interesting indeed…” 🙂


2 responses to “Overheard…

  1. As I got older, my list of requirements when it came to looks became less important than the quality of the person. Oh how I wished I had known what I know now back then!

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