Weekend with the boys

Max and I went over to Mike’s this weekend. On Saturday, Mike and I took the boys to the I&M canal. It was a pretty Fall day, and the temperature was just right for a walk.

Here’s Mike posing with a leaf in his mouth:

And Charley and Max hunting:

Saturday was also the Alabama vs. LSU game, so off we went to Another Round to watch the game with a bunch of other Alabama alums.

Unfortunately, Alabama lost, so the ride back home was not a cheerful one. The next day we took the boys for a walk around Mike’s subdivision. This time the wind was on full blown, so it was a challenge to walk, especially on the way back. And on the way back is when Charley wants to hunt, and pulls, and stops, and sniffs, and doesn’t want to go home. So it ends up looking something like this.

Charley’s never thrilled to go back, but go back we must, especially when some of us in that group are hungry for breakfast! The rest of Sunday was spent: Mike playing golf, and me running errands and coming home to do some work. Max stayed at Mike’s, he’ll be there during the week. I have a ton of work I am behind in, mainly grading, and not having to drop everything at 6:30pm to go home and walk/feed Max will hopefully give me the extra time I need to catch up. I’ll miss him though, in fact, I miss him already… but the weekend? The weekend was very nice, hope yours was too.


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