Just another Wednesday

My birthday was fine, nothing special, nothing different. It was a Wednesday and Wednesday’s are my late night class days so, there wasn’t much I could do after work, since after work is somewhere around 10pm on Wednesdays.

My morning started with Max waking me up gagging, something was happening, I woke up, got him off my bed and asked him if he was alright. It wasn’t until I turned on the light that I noticed he had puked on my bed, on top of the duvet, right there, puke! Happy Birthday to me!

I got up and got dressed, so I could take him out for a walk. Max is serious about wanting to go out first thing in the morning. As soon as there is light, he’s ready, so I get up and half asleep, get dressed, brush my teeth, sometimes splash some water on my face, and head out. We usually walk between half an hour to an hour, but it was cold, so after the poop and pee was taken care of, we headed back.

My parents called, my god father called and my sister called. I stayed working from home, as any other Wednesday (well, those I can), because I need to take Max out for a walk before I go in to teach class, so I had time to talk on the phone and catch up, which was great. Mike had sent me a text message saying Happy Birthday at midnight, so he was actually the first one to congratulate me.

I prepped class and graded some. Had lunch at home and took Max out for a walk before leaving. I had a reservation for an iPhone 4S at the Apple Store, so I wanted to see if I could make that before going to work. I did, but they only had Sprint iPhones and AT&T was offering me a deal if I stayed with them, so I decided to not change providers and wait until I can buy an AT&T iPhone 😦 I was kind of bummed, that was supposed to be my to-me-from-me present for my birthday.

In any case, I had to go, class time was getting closer and I still needed to organize the materials and make some copies for my students. Yet once I finally got to my office around 4:30pm I found this on my desk:

Aren’t they pretty? The card read Happy Birthday! Love, Mike, Charley and Charlotte. They cheered me up, because really until then, my day had felt emotionally exactly how it look weather-wise: a little gray, cold and damp.

Class was good. I don’t know if it was the type of meditation we did, the chocolate I took in to share as a celebration of my birthday, or the moon, but the students seemed more engaged and participative last night, and I appreciated, it made me feel good.

After class I needed to tend to some work stuff and reply some emails. I ended getting home around 9:45ish. Max of course was ready to head out. So I changed, while I spoke to my parents who called again to see how the day had went. During that I got ready, I got Max ready and headed out. My phone was almost out of battery so I left it charging and out we went. As we were walking down the block and I put my hand in my pocket, it dawned on me: I forgot the keys! AGAIN.

I was locked out of the building and out of my apartment. I knew the door knob’s lock was passed, so that door as well as the front one, were locked closed. I figured, I’d walk Max and then deal with it. So around 10:30ish we came back, I tried to stick my hand through the back gate to open the door and at least get into the building , but that didn’t work. I ended buzzing my neighbors from across the hall, but they didn’t answer, so I buzzed another name, someone I don’t know, and prayed they would help me. They buzzed me in (fius!). I knocked on my neighbors’ door and after waking them up (so sorry), I borrowed their phone and called the locksmith (whose number I now know by heart).

I also had to go through their apartment to get to the back door, because the front door was double locked, and the back door (the one I used to get out) was singled locked, which is cheaper to pick. The locksmith and his son came in about 15 minutes, and after a while of trying, they opened the door for us. I payed him ($90!!), they were off, and we were finally home a little pass 11pm.

That’s when I finally had some dinner and relaxed in bed watching TV. I forgot to buy the cupcake, but I did make a wish. I wished to be happy, whatever that may mean for me. So I guess I first need to identify what is it that makes me happy and then stick to it. It will required some work on my part. In any case, the wish was made and I went to sleep shortly after that.

So there you have it, my 39th birthday… Grand? Not really. It was so much better when my mom baked a cake, made some jello and quesillo, invited some of my classmates over, had some music and a piñata and there were presents, lots of presents… People sometimes ask me why am I so nostalgic for past times, well, the answer is simple, they were just better.


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