A good weekend

This weekend was nice. Mike came in to the city on Thursday afternoon because a friend’s dad had passed away and he wanted to go to the wake Thursday night. He stopped by my office to get the spare key so he could drop off Charley and Charlotte at my place and then head over to see his friends. I worked as usual and headed home around 7ish to find an apartment filled with pets.

Mike had dinner and drinks with his friends and I was in with all the pets. I took the boys for a walk, but after that it was dinner, TV and trying to quiet them down, until it was bed time. I started to think 3 was a little too much for just one person. I don’t know how people do it, I know I wouldn’t have 3 pets on my own.

A rare, quiet moment:

On Friday we went together to the memorial service. It was such a pretty, heartfelt service. I don’t think I had ever gone to a memorial service in the US, and in Venezuela we just don’t do it like this. So as sad as it was, I kind of enjoyed it, in a “I felt it” kind of way, and not in a “I was so happy I could burst” way.

We didn’t go to the funeral, so we went to lunch before I had to head back to work. We went to Athena, a Greek place in this Greek neighborhood in the south part of the Loop area. The food was great, as was the service. After lunch I dropped Mike off at my place, he had taken the day off from work, and I headed over to my office. My 2nd year review was due and eventhough I had been working on it for weeks now, I had a long day/night ahead of me.

Things got a little stressful when I found out, last minute, that I needed to organize and present all my materials in a file folder box, each document in a folder, in a folder hanger. Needless to say, I had to make an emergency stop at Staples to get supplies. I finished it and turned it in, and made it back home around 8:30pm to meet my boys and Charlotte. It was so nice coming home and have everyone there, it felt warm. And I got a few hugs which I so much needed after a stressful day of work.

Here’s my file folder box with all my materials:

Saturday was fun filled. We took the boys for a long walk along the lake and the neighborhood. We dropped them off fed them, and off we went for brunch at the place we wanted to check out for a while now, called Nookies Tree. The food was good.

Mike had a blueberry waffle and bacon:

And I had punkin, pecan pancakes with maple sirup, delicious!:

After brunch, we rested for a bit, and then it was out for a matinee. We saw The Ides of March, which was good, we both liked it, and we both reaffirmed our dislike for politics and its dirty ways.

After the movie we made a stop by Target. I needed to grocery shop and get some other household products. After Target I dropped Mike off at the Houndstooth Saloon, he was to see the Alabama game, while I went home put grocery stuff away, did my nails, took the boys out for a walk, and graded my student’s quizzes. Ah the life of the working woman, glamorous isn’t it?

Alabama won, and Mike came home happy, tipsy and carrying a bag of potato chips I wanted and couldn’t find at Target 🙂 I think he was trying to make up for showing up drunk… he says he was thinking of me… who do you believe is right, hmm? 😉 In any case, we ate the chips and stayed in watching TV.

Sunday was a stay-in-and-not-even-shower (at least for me) kind of day. We walked the dogs early in the morning, I cooked breakfast and we proceeded to lounge. Well, after I cleaned a bit, that is. For some reason I woke up in this funk, I was feeling out of it, like ugh… you know? After a windwhirl of cleaning and moving, bashing, getting bad energy out, I think I more or less shook it off.

Mike watched football, I took a nap and at lunch time we went to explore and see what we could find to eat. We decided on burgers from Five Guys, which recently opened and I had still to check out, and got some cupcakes from Phoebe’s Cupcakes.

We took the food to go, and ate it in bed watching TV. It was a lazy Sunday I tell you. Restful, easy, down-time Sunday. Mike left with Charley and Charlotte around 5ish, and after a walk, Max and I retired for the night. It was a good weekend, a good one indeed.


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