Charley’s Bite

Down the street strolling we went, around 6:30am last Sunday. Minding our business really, walking on the sidewalk and about to cross the street over to the open field which has the playground. When suddenly, out of nowhere comes this big German Shepard, charging, straight toward Mike and the boys. I was lagging behind, not really sure why, and also don’t really know how it happened, but wasn’t holding any of the leashes.

The GS charges, Charley barks, Max barks, the GS barks. The GS comes close, sniffs, barks, growls, and takes Charley by the head. Mike, jumps, yells, tries to scare him off, lets go of Max’s leash in the process, and grabs the GS. You should had seen it. From where I was standing Mike looked like a madman, but I was too frozen to do anything, so thank God he did.

Mike forces the GS off Charley, Charley cries out, Mike looks back at me and tells to grab Max, who is still lose, but apparently frozen too (that would have been a bad moment for Max to decide to make a run for it). I grab Max, the GS’s owner finally comes out of her house in her robe, and starts calling at him. Mike searches Charley, but he seems to be alright. The lady calls and calls. The GS keeps barking, running from here to there, apparently playful. The lady keeps calling and starts to get upset. The GS doesn’t respond to her. We grab the boys and keep walking, away from the GS, away from the lady. Eventually, the GS goes back into his house and we continue our walk.

Hearts racing, blood bumping, we finish our walk. Mike was off to play golf and I stayed home with the boys, catching up on sleep first, and then on work. Charley never complained. When Mike came back home around 3ish, we all went to Hammel Woods for a long walk. We took the boys to the dog park and roamed the woods, mesmerized by all the pretty fall colors. Again no peep out of Charley (Max on the other hand jumped leash-less out of the car, and it took us a good 5 to 10 minutes to catch him, the little stinker!).

When we got home, back from the woods, we gave the boys a bath, with shampoo and lots of water, still nothing from Charley. It wasn’t after we had taken a shower and were getting ready to have dinner, that Mike noticed Charley wincing when he touched his neck, and then noticed blood and a big gash.

It was Mike to the rescue again. He called the vet and got the emergency number, explained what had happened and drove us all to the doctor’s. Charley was nervous, but he went through it and came out all in one piece. That boy is a warrior, I tell you, did not complain once, and kept his spirits up all day before and after the ER visit.

Charley got 4 stitches, a shot of penicillin, and some antibiotics and pain killer pills to take for about a week. He’ll be fine, he’s a trooper. Although Mike says that today, during the afternoon walk, he almost got bit by a little wiener dog, who seemed friendly at first, but then tried to nip Charley on his way out. So maybe it’s some vibe he’s projecting, although I have to admit I think Max’s hatred for all things dog, has rubbed off on Charley, and not in a good way.

Charley is fine. The stitches will need to come off in 7 to 10 days, and the fur will grow back out, probably covering any resemblance of a scar. In the mean time it’s lots of treats and hugs for him, and walks, fun, long walks away from German Shepards!


2 responses to “Charley’s Bite

  1. Poor Charley! Hope he has a speedy recovery.

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