Azitromicina: The Bombikitie!

Man those Azitromicinas are the bombikitie! And thank God I had some stashed away, because three days later, I am able to shower, get dressed and go out into the world, and be productive. I’m telling you antiobiotics save lives! But I guess you aready knew that.

US friends make fun of my Venezuelan medicine. Some have the audacity to question their effectiveness, just because they are not FDA approved (I’m looking at you Mike), but they are the very best pills I have ever tried. I’m all for the natural ways, Bach Flowers, and natural remedies, but when I’m really ill or in pain, boy do I want the good, strong stuff, the stuff that works, and works fast. Who the heck wants to be in pain longer they need to? Not me.

I carry on me, at all times, Parsel for headaches, Stamyl for digestive and stomach issues, and Buscapina for menstrual pains. These are my life savers, mostly every day. The antibiotics I don’t carry on hand, and to be frank, I rarely use them. So much so recently, while cleaning my medicine bag, I had to throw out about 5 boxes of antibiotics because they had all expired.

But I have to thank my lucky stars I still had some good ones, because have you noticed doctors here never want to prescribe antibiotics? You can be on your death bed, and they’ll say, it’s just a virus, you don’t need antibiotics. They send you home with indications to take lots of fluids and Tylenol. Tylenol?! Are you flipping kidding me? Tylenol stopped having any effect on me by the time I was 14.

When one has a fever and is expectorating green mucus (sorry for the visual), one has an infection in one’s body. That’s common knowledge, isn’t it? And an infection is not going to go away with water and flipping Tylenol. Tylenol won’t even get ride of my headaches, it doesn’t stand a chance against any virus or bacteria I might have. So it’s Venezuelan antibiotics to the rescue, because if not, I seriously think in some cases, I just wouldn’t have made it.

For example, last time I got seriously sick here in the US, back in 2000, they refused to prescribed antibiotics. My mom sent me a ticket and flew me back home to Caracas, where the good doctors prescribed antibiotics (azitrominicina), the same ones I took now. And I went from haven been rushed in an ambulance to an emergency room, laying in bed not being able to get up even to pee, and losing 20lbs in a week (in NYC), back to eating, getting up, and walking about, in three days (in Caracas). All thanks to the responsible Venezuelan doctors and their kick-ass antibiotics.

I had a bad case of influenza that time, which I had caught from my nephew Nick, who was just one year old. That sprout of influenza killed around 200 people in the UK that winter… and they wanted me to take Tylenol! I would have died I tell you, had my mom not sent me that ticket to fly home. So this time, I was not about to take my chances, and you see what great results I got? No emergency run to the ER, no waiting hours to be prescribed nonsense medicine, and no need to fly to South America to get the good stuff.

I’m feeling better, much better. Now let’s hope this cough doesn’t linger forever, because sexy? Sexy it is not!


2 responses to “Azitromicina: The Bombikitie!

  1. Hola Jenny!! I’m glad you’re getting Better!!! FDA is a scam to make rich U.S. Pharmaceuticals, FDA Approved MY ASS!!! Let’s take for example Buscapine (I always bring 4-6 boxes when I go to Venezuela) since thanks to US Medicine they almost killed me with Prednisone and Benadryl (Which should be banned for all the side effects) while at the E.R. for a simple Allergy, now I have to take from time to time Buscapine because I’m taking a lot of Vitamins and Aminoacids and stuff and I developed IBS

    Buscapine is approved in over 100 countries in the world but not here in the US…why? because it’s German and not American so they cannot profit it, and also it’s not addictive.

    I wasted 4k from my pocket and 15k from insurance, 8 E.R. visits with panic and anxiety attacks thanks to their treatment for Allergies…I flew to Venezuela…200 dollars for a 3 weeks treatment and I was back on my feet 🙂

    Who’s the third world country, sometimes I ask….

  2. Edu, I know, it’s a mystery to me sometimes how this country is so advanced in some areas (systems, technology, efficiency) and so backwards in others (bureaucracy, politics, health services). It’s a true mystery I tell ya.

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