I’m sick as a dog. It all started Monday morning. I had driven to Springfield, IL on Sunday morning for a conference on bilingualism and spent the night at the hotel there. When I woke up Monday morning to attend the rest of the sessions, my throat hurt and so did the insides of my ears. You know how you get that tingly feeling inside your ears and down your throat? Yeah, that’s the one I had.

I sat through the sessions drinking loads of hot tea, and before my drive back I stopped by a pharmacy and got myself some water, and some day and night time medicine, because I knew I was going to need them. By the time I got to Mike’s (his place is closer to Springfield than mine, and Max had been left there for the night), I was sick, as in congested and headache sick.

The next day I drove back into the city, left Max at home and went into work. I had a class to teach and two meetings, which I went to, but after all that I felt terrible. By this point it was runny nose, coughing, headache, muscle ache, the whole nine yards sick.

I figured I’d go home, take Max out on his walk and call it a night. Hopefully, I would feel better tomorrow. Not so much. On Wednesday, yesterday, I felt like crap. I had a fever several times that day and started taking antibiotics, as per prescribed by my mom, the queen of self-prescriptions. I cancelled my night class and stayed in all day.

I thought today, after two of those super potent antibiotic pills, I would be good to go, or at least past the worse part. Again, wrong. I’m still sneezing, coughing, and blowing my nose every 5 minutes or so. So I cancelled my class today too. I didn’t get a fever today, so I’m counting that as progress. Hopefully, tomorrow I’ll feel even better.

I know these things tend to linger, especially with me, my respiratory system is a weak spot, and once I get a virus or bacteria in there it takes a while to clear up. I’m just hoping tomorrow I’ll have more energy, because I do plan to go out for an appointment I have at 10:30am and then spend the day at the office playing catch-up. I have so much to grade, it’s not even funny.


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