Summer Review

The Fall is definitely here, at least the Fall temperatures have arrived and are good and strong. We’ve been in the 50sF for the past two or more weeks, so I think it’s official, Summer is over.

Back in June I wrote about my summer goals. I didn’t want those months to go by so fast I wouldn’t even have time to enjoy them, so I figured if I made a list (of course a list, do you know me?) I would assure I would get my fun-worth in. So, let’s see how I did shall we?

I had 7 set goals:

  1. Go to the beach (went both to the Chicago lake-beach a couple times and Miami beaches too).
  2. Finish my package of yoga classes (Total fail… to this day I still have 4 classes left from that deal).
  3. Eat lots and lots of ice cream (I had tons and am still having them).
  4. Read some books for fun (I already bought one last week, if you have any you love, shoot me an email or leave a comment with the title) (I read two fun books… I guess it could had been worse).
  5. Spend time outdoors (I did. I went to state parks here in Illinois, and spent time outdoors in the Florida heat as well).
  6. Get to know a little more of Chicago (maybe a city tour, another museum or the zoo), and (well, I didn’t get to a museum, but I did go to the zoo, bowling, to a horse track, to parades, street and art fairs, and general outings in the city).
  7. Go see a game at Wrigley Field (I did this one and it rocked!).

I did most all of it! Hooray for a crossed list summer! Do you have your balance of summer fun? Or are you just going with it and not keeping scores, like me?


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