Man, I’m tired. Wednesdays totally kick my but these days. Because I have a night class on Wednesdays, I need to head home sometime in the early afternoon to walk Max, and then return to my offcie, prep and get all I need, and head to class, which runs from 5:30 to 8:30 pm.

After class I stop by my office, and the materials drop-off turns into email catch-up, finishing work, getting things organized for the next day, and eventually getting home closer to 10 than 9.

Thursday mornings, are just like any other morning, and Max still wakes up, and wakes me up, at 5:30 am, dwells a bit until 6-6:30am, when I guess he’s had enough, and proceeds to get me to get out of bed. We go for a walk and come back home to eat and get me ready to go into work. By the time I hit the shower I need a nap.

Thursday’s are hard. My body aches. I really need to make time and get back to yoga. I need to remember to stretch more, and by all means, I need to nap! But, there is no rest for the wicked, so off I go to teach again in the afternoon, and try to smile, because my students deserve a happy, calm, de-stress professor. I try. Really, I’m adamant to do my best and not let stress govern my life. The tiredness doesn’t help, but I really do try.

Have a great Thursday everyone. And if you are one of those lucky ducks who gets to take a nap in the middle of the day, don’t share, will ya? Thanks!


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