Busy and yet relaxing

I’ve been so busy with work, last week I didn’t even have time for one more post after Monday. Classes started full blown, and that means everyone’s back at the university, which means meetings, projects, work, and more meetings.

I’m hoping this year I will have more time for writing and research, since I’m teaching the same classes I did last year. I’m hopeful all the prep time I invested last year will pay off, and I will be able to use the extra time for writing and reading on future research topics.

The good thing is that working hard during the week, and getting everything done on my to-do list of the day, helps me make sure the weekends are kept clear. Which is great because it allows me to enjoy it with Mike and the boys.

This past weekend Max and I went over to Mike’s Friday night. Saturday, after taking the little guys for a long walk, we picked up Mike’s nephews Harrison and Henry and went over to the BMW Golf Championship. They don’t allow photo taking there, not sure why, so the only ones I could get were of the boys playing 6 holes of miniature golf. They did a great job at it too.

We saw some famous golfers, and some sweet shots. The boys were bored and started to get restless about 10 minutes after we arrived. I was kind of amazed by being so close to the golfers, it’s very different from live-watching any other sport I had been to before. Mike enjoyed it, and that’s what mattered, because we were there for him. Although I think the hotdogs, hamburgers, soda, chips, and chocolate we had, were enjoyed by all.

On Sunday it rained ALL day. We walked the dogs reluctantly. Or I should say, I was reluctant, Mike’s always up for a walk, regardless of the weather. And the dogs, well, the dogs live for their walks, so rain? What rain? We came back an hour later, soaked to the bone, so everyone had a bath, even Charlotte, the poor thing, who hadn’t really gone out.

We stayed in all day. Mike watching football, me reading some articles on bilingual education. Don’t judge. It works for us. Besides, we had treats Mike had gotten us. Some for the boys, some for me.

Max and I stayed until Monday morning, and when I was heading out of the bathroom to get dressed and ready to head back to the city, I see this:

I felt protected. My little entourage totally has my back, can you tell?  I had to leave two behind though. It breaks my heart a little bit every time we leave, because Charley always wants to come with us, but has to stay. Charlotte doesn’t seem to mind, so she’s left fine.

Max and I drove back into the city and back to work. And now that we’re back, let the work week commence, have a great one everyone!


2 responses to “Busy and yet relaxing

  1. Ah, all the nice BMW’s. 🙂

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