Weekend Fun

Mike had been waiting for this weekend for months. The University of Alabama’s football team was kicking-off the college football season, with it’s first game, this Saturday. Mike and Charley drove in around noon, and off Mike went to save some premium seats to watch the game at Houndstooth Saloon, the Alabama sponsoring bar.

We cheered, we laughed, we spoke loudly, and we drank more than our share. Alabama won, and we went home. Charley and Max needed walking and we needed naps!

On Sunday we walked the dogs early in the morning, and then proceeded to have all the time in the world before 10am, when the Lakeview Festival of the Arts was scheduled to opened. Have you noticed how when you get up at 6:30am on a Sunday, you seem to have time to do everything before 10am? Ah, you haven’t noticed because you’re not crazy enough to have dogs that wake you up at that time on a Sunday? Yeah, you’re a smart one.

It was much more crowded later, remember they had just open at this point. There was great art. I feel in love with a painting, but it was $550, so I passed, but it was very nice.

When we had seen everything there was to see, off we went to Rocks Lakeview. The Bears were playing on Sunday, and Mike wanted to see the game. Are you noticing a trend here? Yeah, Mike likes football. I should say, Mike loves sports, all sports.

The Bears won, and we headed home, because after that amount food and drinks, we needed… yeah, you guessed it! Another nap! We’re getting old, there’s no doubt about that, but fun times are still being had. Besides, a pitcher of mimosas (me), three bloody Mary’s and two beers (Mike) is reason enough to need to crash at 4 in the afternoon, right? Right!


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