The rug that was

Today is the two month mark of the day I adopted Max. I guess he decided to celebrate early because he woke me up at a whooping 5:22 am this morning. Yeah, I’m living the good life! Remember those days when I woke up at 10 and sometimes even 11 on the weekends? Yeah, they’re a faint memory now.

Up, dressed and still half asleep, we went to the dog park, but of course at that early time, we were the only ones there. Still, it was a beautiful morning and we enjoyed it, specially Max who got to run off the leash to his heart’s content.

He sniffed and smelled, and apparently got into something because when we got home he had some burrs on his legs. He tried to get them, but they are stubborn little pests.

I gave him a good bath and then blew dry his fur, brushed him, and cut out the burrs he hadn’t been able to get to. I don’t like him getting the burrs out by himself, because he eats them, and when he does, he gets sick and throws up.

This time, I thought I had cut them out in time, but apparently not. After the bath and meal, he started sniffing and licking the floors. He does this to get yucky stuff into him and cause him to puke. I was monitoring him, and he seemed ok. So I went into the bathroom to give it a good cleaning. One of those, you know, you don’t do as often. I was cleaning for half an hour or so, and when I came out, what did I find? My living room rug, the one I loooooove, the one that took me months of saving to buy, that one, all chewed up.

HE ATE MY RUG! And of course, since the whole purpose of the trash eating is to puke, puke away he did. ALL OF THE RUG HE HAD EATEN BEFORE. So not only do I now have to live with the holes he left behind, but I also had to pick up the throw-up from what was left of my precious rug.

I am furious to say the least. I yelled at him. I know he did it to get out whatever pieces of burr he had left in stomach, but still, I was too mad to be sensible. So I sent him to his bed, and there he stayed. He knows he did bad. he stayed in his time-out. I just hope (fingers crossed) he learns to never do it again.

Update:  Max threw-up once more, just for kicks. This is what my rug looks like now.

Sigh 😦


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