Beginning of the Fall

So, moving on from all the drama from “the call”, today is the first day of the Fall term. School year 2011-2012 begins tonight, and I have a class to teach at 5:30pm

I’m sort of excited about this class, because I will be implementing a research project I’ve been working on with these students, well, those who decide to participate. I’m hoping all of them will, because, really, they can only gain things from this experience, and of course, I could use the data. So, we’ll see how it goes.

I’m also excited about this class in particular, because it is my Bilingual course. Meaning, it’s a course on methods and materials for teaching English Language Learners, and having been an ELL myself, this is one of my favorite topics to teach. Also, my new line of research will be in this area, so I’m hoping I will get great, new, inspiring ideas to look into.

There you have it. May the Fall quarter begin, and here’s hoping for an awesome one!


4 responses to “Beginning of the Fall

  1. I love fall. Especially when all the trees turn yellow, orange and red. It’s so beautiful!!
    Have a great new semester!!!

  2. Jen, this all sounds so exciting.

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