Happy Monday!

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Mine was good. Changed plans again and came out to the burbs, instead of Mike coming up to see us in the city. In fact, here I still am, working from Mike’s place, while he’s at work at his office. You see, this is my last week of vacation-work before classes start next week, and work-work begins again.

Next weekend is labor day weekend, the official end of Summer and beginning of Fall… I usually like Fall very much, but I’m not quite feeling it yet. Next weekend though, will be fun. We have tickets to go to a Cubs game on Sunday, this will be my first time at Wrigley Field and I’m excited. Mike’s brother and fiancee and coming too and they might stay and spend the night, so we can do city-fun-stuff on Monday. It sounds like a good way to say bye to Summer and hello to Fall, right? Yeah, I’m looking forward to it.

But, I’m getting ahead of myself. This weekend Max and I drove in on Saturday and had planned to stay until Tuesday. I didn’t have to be in my office until Wednesday, so I figured I’d take advantage of that fact and stay longer. On Saturday we went to Portillo’s for lunch. Have you been there? I had a hotdog craving since the week before, and this is a great place to tackle a craving like that. It’s a fun place too, filled with memorabilia and fun artifacts on the walls. It reminded me a little bit of Brother Jimmy’s in NYC.

Saturday night I cooked and we stayed in for dinner and TV. On Sunday we took the boys to Starved Rock State Park, which is just about 30 minutes from Mike’s place. It was great. We went up and down stairs like crazy to see leaps, coves, and falls. Unfortunately, it was kind of dry, so not much water.

Later that day Mike went off to play golf his buddies, and I stayed in to work… Well, I tried but quickly realized, as I ran out of laptop battery, that I had forgotten my power cord at home. I looked up a close by mall, with the little battery life I still had and off I went to buy one. Little did I know, they are $79 (!!!), so I rethought that plan, and headed back. I could use Mike’s laptop, all my work files are in a flash-drive anyway.

And that’s what I did. We had Chinese takeout Sunday night and on Monday I worked on Mike’s computer… gotta remember my cord next time, because really, I rather work on my laptop with my music and all my other stuff.

So how was your weekend? Anything fancy or fun going on? Things back to normal now that Mercury is progressing forward again? 😉


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