Cutie or Beast?

He’s just so darn cute, isn’t he? People smile at me on the street when I’m with him. Little kids come to us wanting to pet him. We hear awes and ows at every corner, and “how cute”, “look, a puppy!” Everyone loves him.

What they don’t know is that he turns into a monster when he encounters another dog on the street while on the leash. He waits, and pounces, and growls, and barks like mad, and if by any chance of bad luck I let him get too close to the other dog, he charges, and bites. Bites! Little innocent doggies, just minding their own business. He bites them!

So our walks consist of me being on the constant lookout for other dogs, and making a beeline toward the opposite sidewalk when we do encounter one. I study the times we take walks and try to determine other dog owner’s schedules so that we don’t have to come across so many of them. 5 to 6pm seems to be atrocious, best is either before 5pm or after 7pm. Mornings also seem to be best before 7am or way past 9am, if not, it’s doggie heaven out there, everyone and their mother has a dog on our street, and of course, they walk them.

I’ve tried a bunch of different techniques. I’ve seen a whole lot of the Dog Whisperer’s shows, read Cesar Millan’s books, and a book about Silky Terriers. I’ve talked about it to anyone who wants to listen, and tried what they have to suggest, but so far nothing really works. I have the number of a trainer that a colleague from work recommended. So we’re going to try that next.

Ah Maxy, I see training in your future. Full, on, strict training! This has got to stop, I don’t think I can take the extra stress for too long, I need our walks to be calm, fun, and not pure madness. The cutie needs to overpower the beast. It can be done, right? Right?!


4 responses to “Cutie or Beast?

  1. Have you tried a water gun? When he barks, he gets a squirt? I might try that. Though, I bet the dog trainer has better solutions to suggest, so don’t throw away that phone number just yet. =)

  2. I think the water gun is a great idea. Saw that on TV one day.

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