Leave the door open

At the end of No Strings Attached, while they are resetting their rules, she says to him he has to know, she pees with the door open. Well, Mike jumps up and says “You pee with the door open too! Am I the only one who closes the door?” To what I say, “apparently!” and smile, because I know not everyone pees with the door open, but… I do.

And then today, as I’m going through my daily blog-roll read, I bump into this at Moosh in Indy. Go ahead, take the poll and be wowed by the fact that the majority actually does leave the door open!


6 responses to “Leave the door open

  1. At home mostly open. 🙂
    And sometimes at work I am closing but not locking the door.

  2. I only leave the door open if I am HOME ALONE.


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