Another great weekend

Another great weekend was had. We had planned for Mike to come over to the city on Saturday, after his nephew’s football games, but due to a headache of mine and very loud noises Chicago was enduring this weekend, there was a sudden change of plans on Friday.

Max and I headed out to the burbs late Friday afternoon. Mike had a work thing, so it was just me hanging out with the boys (as Mike calls Charley and Max) and Charlotte (Mike’s cat, the only other female in this pack). I was hungry and decided to order pizza, little did I know that would be an idea I would pay for in time.

When the pizza guy arrived, I opened the door to greet and pay him, and the dogs, both of them went a bit wild and ran to greet him too. Both got out of the house. Charley, the good dog that he is, came back in when I called him. Max, the little rascal, made a run for it. It was a flashlight and 45 minutes later that I finally caught him, and I can’t even take full credit for it because a neighbor (kind soul) helped me, grabbing him by the collar, when he went up to him to say hi. I’m telling you, I can feel the years shedding off my life because of the “adventures” this dog is putting me through.

Mike finally arrived and we had cold pizza. I was stressed. Between the headache and the not knowing where Max was, I was ready to call it a day. But we stayed up, watched some TV, and after some much needed TLC, all was well with the world again.

On Saturday, after we took the boys for a long walk around the fields surrounding Mike’s place, we got some family time in, when we went to see Mike’s nephews play football. We got errands done too, and I baked and Mike grilled. I made a pavlova, which I hadn’t made in a long time, and Mike grilled salmon and shrimp and cooked us up some steamed broccoli. We also had this fabulous bread we found at Jewel, of all places, it was THAT good, it was mainly all I had for breakfast the next day.

The meringue, the first part of the Pavlova.

And the whole pavlova, done. I used this recipe, more or less, I changed some ingredients and eye-balled it a bit too… the whipped cream was a different recipe I love, with sour cream. Trust me, it’s delicious.

And this was our dinner. Mike did an awesome job, it was delicious!

Before our dinner we drove by Mike’s old neighborhood, Hinsdale. The place he grew up and lived in until he went to college. It’s a charming town, with about 18.000 inhabitants. Very pretty. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera with me, so no pictures. We need to go back.

On Sunday, we woke up early, there is no sleeping-in with the boys, and went to the I & M Canal for a “real” walk, the good kind Charley loves, the kind where they can sniff critters and maybe even hunt one or two. They loved it. They got into every bush, puddle, and field they could find, they even tried to go into the canal, thankfully they were on the leash. We saw some deer, so cute, and got bit by mosquitoes, but who’s counting?

We had planned to see The Help on Sunday, so off we went to a matinee, which to my surprise was quite full. I haven’t read the book, but we both thought the movie was very good. Maybe because we had watched No Strings Attached the night before, which is TERRIBLE, so anything would seem good at that point for us, really. But, seriously, it is a great movie. Loved the dialogue, the script, the setting, the wardrobe and the makeup. The story is quite compelling and sucks you right in. If you haven’t seen it, go, you’ll like it.

After the movie, we ran some other errands and went to Heroes West for a drink and bite. We got to see the Yankees game, the good, exciting parts of it, and the Yankees won! Good day, very good day 🙂

On Monday morning, after Mike was off to work, Max and I packed our things and came back home to the city. We had an appointment with the plumber we couldn’t miss. So bye, bye burbs, see you again soon, and hello Chicago, we meet again. We had a great time, the burbs are starting to feel like home, who knew?


4 responses to “Another great weekend

  1. How long do you have to travel out into the burbs??

  2. Jaaa,…thats still ok I would say.

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