Got new lamps

When I moved to NYC back in 2005 I had with me two suitcases and a carry-on. That was it. I had left some of my things in Caracas at my parents house, but I had never had a place of my own, so I didn’t have furniture, household things, or any of all that good stuff you accumulate throughout the years. I had books, tons of books, which I would have to bring into the States in little bounds, until I could make a big move. But the rest, the rest needed to be purchased.

Through the months and years I finally furnished my one bedroom apartment in the UES, so by the time I moved to Chicago last summer, I had enough to fill up a place and probably need a storage room too. Fortunately, my one bedroom in Chicago is bigger than the one I had in NYC, so it not only welcomed in all I had, but also allowed for new purchases.

Until now I hadn’t purchased anything big, well, aside from my car and the flat screen TV. But as soon as I was settled in and had the dinning room and living room looking good, I realized by bedroom needed a little TLC.

For the bedroom I need to get a new dresser. The table I have, on which sits the flat-screen, is not a dresser it’s sort of an end table for behind a sofa, or a hallway/entrance kind of thing. I bought it from someone who didn’t need it anymore for like $30, but it’s not very sturdy, and it got a little beating in the move (like most all my furniture).

There is another reason I need a dresser, well I could use the drawers, I haven’t had a drawer since 2004, but also, the TV sits too low on this table and I need to perch it up a little, like 10 to 15 inches or so. So I need a dresser/TV console, and believe you me, it’s proven impossible to find.

Another thing my bedroom needed urgently was lamps. I have a big ceiling lamp here, in NY there were none, so I had floor lamps all over the place. In this apartment I still have the floor lamps, but rarely use them. Once I settle in bed though, I like to turn off the ceiling lamp and still be able to see some, or even read, and since my previous nightstand lamp was crushed in the move, I had been using a little Tiffany style lamp that is as cute as can be, but doesn’t allow me to read a sentence without developing a headache.

Lamps are quite easier to find than a dresser/TV console, so after a little searching, I found the perfect ones, the ones that go just right with my bedroom set.

And now I can read at night, in bed, as much as I want, because there is light! And as my aunt Vivian would say, they look important!

Next up is the dresser, and now that Max stopped pooping and puking uncontrollably (the poor thing), maybe even a new rug for the dinning room 🙂


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