In need of training

Yesterday I discovered training is extremely expensive. Almost $2000 for a 2 week boarding, $900 for individual sessions, and around $300 for group classes. Well, I can’t afford that, any of that. So Max is not going to doggie school.

I have two Cesar Millan books and a bunch of his shows in my DVR. I try to assert myself around Max as much as possible, I need him to understand who is the boss, and it ain’t him. In any case, this is going to take time. I need to find a way to channel my dog whisperer and get to work. I’ll let you guys know how it goes. In the mean time if you have any tips, at this point, I’ll try anything.


2 responses to “In need of training

  1. Have you checked out the Barking Lot, they have a training program that runs a few weeks and it is very reasonably priced. Our youngest dog had a blast there and actually learned a few things. There is also the K-9 academy that is suppose to work very well.

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