Barking much?

Max is back to his normal self. The pills and new, appropriate food, have done their trick and his stomach is as regular as it was before. I think he was just having issues with all the food changes, and now we got it under control.

Being back to normal for Max means no more diarrhea in the middle of the night, but also back to his normal energy level, which seems to be 150. If you know me, you know I’m not a high energy person. I tend to be a calm, low key, keep to myself, quiet kind of person. As I told my mom, who is studying astrology, the other day, I’m no Aries. But Max, Max seems to have energy for the both of us and more. Not always though, as Mike says dog’s sleep about 80% of the time, so when we are home he naps a LOT, and when I nap he’s right there, snuggling with me, which I love. But when he’s awake, he’s ready and more than willing to bark at any dog passing by.

At first Max was afraid of heights and was a little apprehensive to look out the windows. But I think he’s conquered his fear because now, whenever he hears a dog passing by, he’s right there, ready to charge and barking his head off at a volume that should not be allowed in any apartment.

And when we are on walks? Oh well, that’s the cake. I’m constantly on the look out to spot dogs before he does, so I can cross him to the other side of the street and avoid them. Sometimes I succeed, and he doesn’t see them, most times I don’t. And when he does see them all hell brakes lose.

My nerves are a bit shot to tell the truth. I came in to my office today because I wanted to get away from the madness of the barking, only to find out the construction outside my window is still going on. So here I am plugged into my headset (thank God I’d synced my phone to my work computer and have some of my music here) blasting music while I work, so that I can concentrate and avoid the for sure headache I would get otherwise.

But back to Max. The hyperness is fine, because really inside it only happens when he wants to play, and that’s fine, I can play. But the excessive aggression and barking outside, added to the pulling and the desperation to go, has to change. So I looked into doggie training and actually found one that seems quite good. The only thing is that they are in Indiana. I wrote and I’m waiting for a response. If they are not too expensive and not too far, I think that’s where Max is going. Their plan includes a 2 week training with a guarantee for life, which sounds great to me.

If you have any suggestions about dog trainers (Ala Cesar Millan) in Illinois, and better yet Chicago, I’m all ears. Well, that is unless I lose hearing from all the commotion going on in these parts. But lets keep positive shall we? 😉


2 responses to “Barking much?

  1. All that barking – what a headache! I don’t have any info on training in Chicago (sorry!), but I have watched enough of The Dog Whisperer to know that training a dog is 50% training the dog and 50% training the owner … and the idea of “sending Max away” seems like it’s conquering only half the problem. Not that you’re a problem. Not at all. But, if you go to training with Max, the trainer should be able to help you figure out Max’s trigger points (some of which you’re already figuring out) and teach you ways to handle Max, so that he can rejoin the dog community. =) Just a thought…

    • I just found a place in Chicago and they have other options aside from boarding. They have 2h classes, private lessons, and pack leader lessons as well. I think this one will work better since it’s closer and hopefully cheaper. The Indiana one is a whooping $1895 (!!!)

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