Tough yesterday, better today

Yesterday was a tough day. Not just because of all the pooping, but because Max has this bad habit of barking his little head off every time he encounters another dog, and as you can imagine there are quite a few dogs at the vet’s. So there was a lot of sussh, stop that, quiet, and enough on my part, and a ton more barking, pulling, jumping out, growling, and wanting to kill the other dogs on his part.

I was exhausted by the time I got home. But the good news is that the vet prescribed some pills and special food, and Max is on a regimen now. Hopefully, the pooping madness will be over soon.

My toilet is still clogged. Even though I googled “how to unclog a toilet” and got some fine ideas, nothing has worked so far. I ended having to go out to a coffee shop near by to use the bathroom. I’m telling you it was a day. But we survived and by night time Max was barking, and playing, and happy. Life is good in the doggie world, and tomorrow will be a better day, so there we go.


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