Enough with the pooping!

I’m having a day. It started last week actually. I got back to Chicago on Monday and went to pick Max up at Mike’s place. Mike had been feeding Max the same food he fed Charley, home cooked chicken with white rice, peas and carrots, mixed in with a little kibbles. Apparently Max loved it, so Mike gave me some to take with me for Tuesday. So, Tuesday I give Max Mike’s home cooked meal, and during his morning and night walk, he pooped fine.

On Wednesday I decided to cook for him. The same as Mike did: chicken with white rice and carrots, mixed with kibbles. He ate it like a champ and I was thrilled he liked it and was eating. He seemed a bit down Monday night when we got home, and I didn’t want him to miss Mike and Charley too much, so at least he was getting the same food.

But… I stayed home from work that day, so I was there to notice that at around 1pm he started freaking out. He trembled nonstop and wouldn’t leave my side. I picked him up, tried to console him, sat with him on the couch, petted him, thinking it was a panic attack of some sort. They were vacuuming the hallway and he is apparently scared of vacuums.

Suddenly, he got up, circled the ottoman twice and came back next to me and sprayed my foot with diarrhea. Panic attack? Yeah, because he had to go badly and I couldn’t understand that. He ran to the kitchen door and screamed twice. I felt so bad for him, the little guy was in pain. I cleaned everything up and took him out. More diarrhea. I thanked my lucky starts for staying home to work that day, and decided, “no more chicken for you! Back to can food it is!”

At night he seemed fine and on Thursdays morning’s walk he pooped fine too, so I went into my office. But of course, when I came back, there was poop on the rug, again. I cleaned it up and took him out, he pooped some more. While I was thinking “How much poop can this little guy hold? Have you seen him? He is tiny!”

Friday I decide to stay in, do some laundry and run some errands/appointments I had pending. Max pooped outside both times and seemed ok, and I started thinking we were are out of the woods. Saturday Mike and Charley were coming to visit. Max had missed them and I thought the whole stomach thing might also be emotional, too much change. I thought seeing them again would lift his spirits, besides Mike was missing Max too.

In the morning on Saturday Max started trembling again. This time I knew what to do, so we practically ran outside. The first order of business: poop. It was runny too, so I was glad I caught it this time.

Saturday Max got lots of time outside and more like 4 walks instead of his usual 2, because we had both dogs and we were trying to do things with them, so we took them out a lot. It was actually Max’s first time at the dog beach park near me and it went… well, ok. But that is another story, most likely for anther Max post.

Poop was fine on Saturday after the dog park. When the dogs got fed, I gave Max can food and Charley the chicken and rice with carrots and kibbles. They both ate, but Charley ate more and finished Max’s can food.

Sunday we went out for a walk and Charley started freaking out because a thunderstorm was coming in. So when we got home he didn’t eat much. Max ate all of his can food and we kept Charley’s food on the counter for later. When we went out we left the food on the floor for Charley to eat, but we really don’t know who ended up eating it. And can you guess? When we came back there was diarrhea on the kitchen floor and peeps on the rug.

Ok, you must be fed up with poop stories by now. Only imagine how I feel… Thanks. Mike thought it had been Charley, maybe eating the can food had not agreed with him. He also thought the peeps were Charley’s, because on the walk Max peed a lot and Charley didn’t. I stayed back to clean up, because someone had to right? Right.

After Charley and Mike left, I walked Max one last time at night before going to bed. I thought, if it was Charley with the tummy problems, Max should be fine. Not so much. At 1:30am last night Max wakes me up trembling again. I get up, asleep, to get dressed and take him out, but as I place him on the floor he sprays my foot and the bedroom floor.  It’s freaking 2 am and I’m cleaning poop off me, and taking Max for a walk  because I know there must be more of it in there. And of course, there was.

It was dark, and quiet, and eerie outside so the walk didn’t last long. We came back home and he laid on the couch. He didn’t want to go back to bed. He gets embarrassed every time he has an accident indoors. He knows that it’s wrong. He knows I’m upset about the cleaning up, but I think we both know he can’t help it and it isn’t really on purpose.

I tried sleeping on the couch, but realized I would wake up extremely tired the next morning if I did, and went to bed. I woke up at 6 am, to what you ask? Well yes of course, poop on the rug AGAIN!

I took Max out after I cleaned up and he was still pooping diarrhea. Thank God we have the vet’s appointment today. I need him to prescribe some medicine and tell me what, when and how much to feed him, because I can’t tell you how over I am the whole cleaning up poop business.

But of course, that’s not the only reason why I’m having a day. As I was cleaning up the poop, I threw the dirty paper towels in the toilet, and then of course the toilet clogged up. I then went into a cleaning frenzy and started cleaning everything in sight. Windex is my best friend now. To them heat up some food for Max and have it explode in the microwave… I guess if I was already on the cleaning spree, why not?

I really hope nothing else goes wrong today. I have a short fuse. Haven’t slept much, haven’t eaten much and I’m sure I’m about to start having nightmares with poop. I’m hoping the vet will help, but keep your fingers crossed for me and Max, will ya? Thanks!


2 responses to “Enough with the pooping!

  1. Poor Max! SoMi has had her fair share of upset stomachs. Unfortunately, there can be so many causes. Stress. Bacteria. Food. Who knows. Hopefully your vet visit and the resulting prescription will clear up things for Max … and he’ll be back to golden soon.

    • I left a sample at the vet’s to get tested, so there might be clues there. But ever since I started giving him the pill and the special food yesterday poops have been solid, we’ve had no more runs and no more indoors poops. We are a happy bunch 🙂

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