Some time back my sister brought me some tamaridos from Venezuela. Tamarindo is a fruit that grows quite wildly in the country, and with it people make sweets, juices, desserts, salsas, and I guess anything the imagination can make up.  I love the sweets.

The sweets are very low tech, very unprocessed, and sold in you nearest kiosk.  I used to feast on these when I was a kid, couldn’t believe my luck when I first discovered them, and sometimes ate so many of them my tummy would start to hurt. At that time I didn’t like chocolate (yeah, I know, but what can I say, I acquired the taste later in life), so tamarindos were the equivalent of chocolate for me.

As I was enjoying these babies some months back, when I remembered that as a kid, I would plant the seeds once I was done with the sweets, because in my mind there never could be enough tamarindo trees in the world. So, this time, I did the same. I planted the seeds and look what happened!

I thought that after two weeks of no water during my trip to Miami, they might perish, but these guys are resilient. If they could stand the heat in Cardon, they would be up for the Chicago summer. Look how big they’ve gotten!

They need to be transplanted to a back yard. These little guys grow up to be big trees like this one:

The thing is, they’re fine in the heat of summer, but the Chicago winter and snow? I’m not too sure about that. I guess we’ll see. For now, I’m growing tamarindos!!!


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