Time definitely flies. The two vacation weeks in Miami and Orlando are over, and as you read this, I’m on my way back to Chicago. Back to work, back to normal, day-to-day life.

As soon as I get back I have to run some errands and then it’s off to the suburbs to get Max! I’m so excited to see him again and spend time with him. I hope he remembers me, and gets used to the city and my apartment after spending so much time roaming in the country and having the luxury of a back yard. Well see, I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

I’m also getting back just in time to celebrate Mike’s birthday, which was yesterday. I have a present, a card, and will pick up a cake of sorts, because what is a birthday without blowing candles and making a wish?

I’m glad I had the time off and away, but I’m also glad to go back to my space, my things, and my routine. I have a bunch still to do for work before the term begins in September, and I’m actually looking forward getting everything done. That’s what’s great from time off, you go back invigorated and ready to tackle the hard stuff. Hopefully, the momentum and the motivation will last. Hopefully, I will be as productive as I need to be.

For now, welcome back to Chicago! Welcome back!


2 responses to “Back

  1. I bet having a dog will be welcome company!

    • It is! Just having him be with me in the apartment makes me feel less alone, I think my days are going to be much brighter from now on, and I’m definitely looking forward to that 🙂

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