Let go of the petty stuff

I watched Hereafter tonight and really liked it. The movie is slow, a little dark, and actually has few interesting dialogues, but the characters are so identifiable, at least to me, I couldn’t but like it.

It’s about the notion of life after death, which is not a new one. And the point is made that the descriptions of what it feels like by those who have experienced near death experiences has commonalities people can’t deny. I liked that. It might not look exactly how the movie portrays it, but there is something, somewhere, we go to, our souls gravitate to, once we have passed away.

The best part of the movie was the 133 on the door in one of the last shots, and the feeling it provoked in me to trust the plan. It made me think about the petty things I had been worrying about yesterday and how I need to let them go. Let go of the petty stuff and concentrate on what is truly important, the big, significant things, people and events in my life. The rest is just decoration and really not important. So when the decoration doesn’t match or bugs me in some way, I just need to put it aside, ignore it, and refocus on what is truly significant, that which I will truly miss once I’m gone.

Focus on what’s important, and have my priorities straight, those are the goals I need to maintain in the forefront to be able to grow spiritually and be happy during the process. Now if I could only remember that on a day to day basis, I’d be golden.


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