Kids in Chicago

The week spent in Chicago with the kiddos was fun, but it seemed to go by too fast. I had tons of plans of things to do, and now looking back it seems we only did a few.

We went to Fullerton Beach during the weekend. And they seemed to love it. These kids have been to beaches around the world, so I was a little afraid of them having very high beach standards (we all still dream of Blue Lagoon in Jamaica). But they didn’t seem to mind that the water was a bit cold, or the lack of saltiness in the water, given, you know, it’s a lake and not the actual ocean. We had fun.

Another day we went to the Lincoln Park Zoo, and spent the day visiting animals. I really liked the zoo, I had never been, and the kids seemed to enjoy it too.

We stopped by the McDonald’s on Clark St for lunch after the zoo. If you haven’t been to this McDonald’s believe me, you have to go, it’s huge and different from any McDonald’s I’ve ever been, in any country around the world.

Another day we walked over to the public library, right behind my building, and got some books for them to read. They found some good ones and devoured them in just a few days, because “great kids read!” (Chicago public library’s incentive to get kids to read).

And yet another day we spent the afternoon at Navy Pier. They had been wanting to go on the Ferris Wheel ever since I mentioned it existed, so off we went, round and round. They also went on the flying chairs (Nick) and on the carousel (Sophie). We ate pizza and roamed. It was a good visit, although they did get on each other cases, and mine, a few times that day.

One day we went to Wisconsin to get Max (this requires a whole separate post) and then also drove to Mike’s, out in the country, to leave Max. So there were some road trips too.

All in all, it was a good visit, but we still have a list of places to go to next time. So, I’m guessing another visit is in order soon!

P.S. Pictures to come once I get back to Chicago and my hard drive with all my photos.


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